Hi everyone,

Welcome and thank you for visiting Eyes on Style TO, my name is Kimberly.  As some of you already know,  Eyes On Style TO made it’s first official debut to the public via Instagram in 2015, showcasing both classic and on trend outfit inspirations; with outfit collages created by myself via Polyvore.  Many of the style inspirations seen here are a reflection of my personal style loves and the vibrant style scene in the city I now reside,Toronto.  Many have asked the meaning of ‘TO’ which is an abbreviation at the end of the blog’s name, well that my friends stands for Toronto.

I am an island gal from Jamaica with a love for fashion and started creating outfits on Polyvore as a way to escape the ups and downs of life.  So again, welcome to my haven! 🙂  This blog provides fashion lovers alike with style inspirations and where to shop tips from the eyes of this Jamaican-Torontonian girl named Kimberly :). We’re all budding fashionista’s at heart, we just need a little inspiration.





Love it!! So proud of you!
Continue following your dreams, your such an inspiration!
Love Live & Laugh xoxo


Thank you Kereen!


I love you antie Kimmy great job xoxo xoxo . Naomi


Thank you my beautiful niece for stopping by :). Your comment just made my day!

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