Jumpsuits Under $50 and How to Shop and Save

Like most women, I enjoy the art of shopping; and yes I believe that it truly is an art; especially when it comes to obtaining a coveted item at a fraction of the price.  From experience, shopping for special occasions, can be especially challenging as most times the dazzling number that catches our eye in … Continue Reading

Jumpsuits Under $50 and more...

Floral Shorts and Mid-Length Vests

Why you Need Floral Shorts While I don’t typically incorporate shorts into my usual every day wear, I must admit that there are some occasions where they are an absolute necessity.  Consider scorching temperatures, beach outings, tropical vacations and summer pool party outings, as some of the main occasions for you to bring out those … Continue Reading

The Perfect Outfit: Crops and Wide Legs

Call me biased but I absolutely love this look! Crops and wide legs are making quite the statement for Spring/Summer 2017.  Here is how I would describe this look, “It’s chic, edgy, sexy and no doubt bad and bougie.”  If you consider your style to be under any of the noted descriptions, then this ‘Style … Continue Reading

The One-Shoulder Ruffle Top and My Spring Favourites Shop

Ruffle some feathers and turn some heads with this one-shoulder ruffled top from HM; highly noted as being one of the season’s biggest trends.  I’ve rounded up similar tops for you to shop here and here.  If you are looking for a sign, well this is it! lol  The sign to re-organize that closet and … Continue Reading

Mix and Match Colours for the Summer

On the days when I don’t feel my best, I intentionally try to wear something colourful to contradict my mood and switch out the negative thoughts with positive affirmations; which I’m proud to say has never failed me.  With my favourite season steadily approaching, I’m filling my wardrobe with colourful items to compliment the much … Continue Reading

The Ruffled Mustard Blouse for many Occasions

Spring is finally here, and I’m happily looking forward to the prospect of it warming up.  The process is  however a slow and steady one, with temperatures being in the in-between phase, where its neither quite cold or warm enough for us to completely let loose and show a little skin.  Nonetheless there are some … Continue Reading