Ruffled Wrap Blouse and Pearl Denim

The ruffled wrap blouse and pearled denim are two ongoing trends that can aid in your transition from Summer to Fall.  Fall is officially here but summer refuses to move on and for that I’m not mad at all.  This ruffled wrap blouse and pearled denim are all a part of my summer haul from … Continue Reading

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Floral Shorts and Mid-Length Vests

Why you Need Floral Shorts While I don’t typically incorporate shorts into my usual every day wear, I must admit that there are some occasions where they are an absolute necessity.  Consider scorching temperatures, beach outings, tropical vacations and summer pool party outings, as some of the main occasions for you to bring out those … Continue Reading

How to Stylishly Wear a Kimono

There are several ways that you can stylishly wear a kimono with many of the basics that you currently have in your closet; if you’re in doubt, I suggest that you keep reading. Kimonos are one of my favourite summer trends notably because of its functionality for many different occasions.  With the sunny vacation season … Continue Reading